Mjolnir – Thors Hammer – Multiple Size Options or Bundle


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3D Printed Mjölnir from UV Resin (Resin Colors may vary).
Made to Order, Unpainted, or Limited Painted Color Options.
Unpainted the Resin Color May Vary, but generally is Gray.
Multiple Size Options Available, As Seen in Pictures.
The one that says “12” inches is ONE of every size (and takes an extra 2 days to print them all).

It takes roughly a day to print.
If getting unpainted, give 1 week to print (orders are first come first serve), and 1 week to arrive.
If getting painted please specify the following – Color of Your Choice, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black Metal.

This is AFTER payment clears.


The 3D Design is done by Chegra on Thingiverse (under the creative commons attribution licence)


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