Invader Zim Fan Art Paintings


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Invader ZIm Fan Art Paintings are all done in acrylic paint. On pre-stretched ready to hang canvas… They are VERY LARGE. 16×20 in size no matter which one you choose.

There is a plethra of these for you and your wall.

PICK ONE OF THESE (per purchase)

I have Invader Zim in both his forms with Gir in both of his.
I have Zim as human form with his school backpack
I have Gir in dog suit with a cupcake
I have Gir in original Robot form
I have the monkey from Invader Zim (often seen above their human home living room couch)

These are all done on ready to hang canvas… If you decide you want to frame it later be sure to get a deep frame to accommodate the 1 inch thickness of the painting.

They are shipped securely to avoid any damage to the painting or wooden frame.
Shipping IS INCLUDED in the price… 😀

ENJOY! And Thanks!


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