Fulla Volla Goddess Diety Norse Handmaiden Raccoon Skull Runes Taxidermy Pagan Art Large


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Scroll through pics…finished this piece….Everything is completely all natural and preserved.

Dedicated to Fulla/Volla. Raccoon skull as her spirit animal. With the Iratze Rune (healing), as well as the Othala, Sowilo, Jera, Perthro Runes, etc. The golden band around the piece snd the skull to represent Fulla’s golden band. The 12 dots to represent the 12 handmaidens.

Preserved Kallima Inachus Butterfly (With simulated dew drops) on the side of the raccoon skull. Obsidian Runes on bark and wood. Pressed Hydrangea Flowers, Pom Asparagus, Live Moss of various types, Sand, Gold Painted Ruscus, Pinecone, Dried Currants. Entire piece is 10″ in diameter at its widest point. Mounted in wood. Ready to be hanged


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