Elder Futhark Divination Runes – Handmade Wooden Coins


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Handmade hand carved and burned wooden coin runes.

Elder Futhark Runes. For casting, divination, etc.

These ones are Painted in Lokis colors. (Metallic Green, Metallic Purple and Gold.)
Different options available.

Comes in complimentary burlap bag.

Runes are Natural or Hand Painted in colors of your choice.
This is just a sample of them.

How to Order:
Pick the bag you want them to come in =
1. Grey Burlap
2. Natural Burlap

Then Decide how you want them to look. =
1. Natural/Naked (Just wood burned and carved and no paint)
2. Handpainted and burned/carved.
**NOTE – If you choose Handpainted please specify the 2 primary colors of your choice you want them to be painted as in a personal message to me. If I dont hear from you within 24 hours of your order on your color choice I will message you but shipping will be delayed that time frame. **

It will take me roughly 1 week to make, carve, burn and or paint your runes. I also let them sit under the moonlight overnight (providing weather permits) to soak in moonlight before I ship them out to you.
It will take 1 business week from there to arrive. Basically expect to get them within 2 weeks of ordering. If you have questions or concerns feel free to email me.


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