Elder Futhark and Mjolnir Die – Dice – Painted like Medieval Rustic Bone – CUSTOM RUNE – Custom Colors – Quantity 1 or more


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Freya Freyja Mjolnir Dice Painted like Medieval Rustic Bone – custom colors or custom dice available as well.
Custom quantiles available.
These are 16mm dice and roll nicely.
This is for ONE dice. If you want more you can change up the runes for each, or select the same for each for multiple quantities.

You may choose from the elder futhark runes listed below – or get custom ones as needed.

The rune you pick below will be for the dots of 2-6 number side of the die, and dot/side 1 will be a tiny Mjolnir/hammer.

ᚦ – Thors Rune – Thurisaz – represents pure action, potency, raw power, and strength on the physical plane
ᚨ – Odin’s Rune – Ansuz
ᛉ – Algiz
ᛊ – Sowulo
ᛏ – Tyr’s Rune – Teiwaz
ᛒ – Berkana / Berkano / Bjarkan – birch, new beginnings, rebirth
ᛗ – Mannaz in younger futhark took the place of the ᛉ – maðr (“man”)
ᛜ – God Ing – Inguz – seed, fertility, etc. Associated with masculine energy and the moon
ᛞ – Dagr’s Rune – Dagaz – dæg – rune of change – means day
ᚲ – Loki’s Rune – Kaunaz (also romanised as Kennaz, Kenaz) – the rune of illumination, knowledge, and kinship
ᚠ – Freya (Freya, Freyja)’s Rune – Fehu (as seen in picture/video)
ᛟ – Rune for Home – Othalla / Odal

Other runes available in icelandic, young futhark and pentimal system….message for custom orders and check out the other dice listings in my store.

You may choose how these are painted otherwise it will be defaulted to MY choice. Please message me after for custom colors.


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