Dice Rolling Potion Bottles


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These are Made to Order Dice Rolling Potion Bottles. Various Sizes and Colors dependent on which potion you choose.

There is an assortment:

*The Dice Rolling Potions come in Standard Size (Large bottles with Colored Resin and Dice and a Cap). The Dice that come in there are associated to the potion chosen.

*The Dice Rolling Necklaces ONLY come with mini D6 in them. But the Resin can be any color you wish. Necklace is random (silver cord or leather cord) but fits most sizes.

*The Gift Potion Bottles DO NOT come with dice and just serve as tokens and or gifts. (They are miniature in size and can be any color potion you desire) The tops on these ones are also sealed shut.

To choose your potion color or potion type please message at checkout, If no response a default health potion will be sent.

As seen in the pics –

Health Potion,
Mana Potion,
Nightvision Potion,
Gillyweed Potion. (Harry Potter inspired).

Message for customization or for bulk orders


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