Custom Sugar Cubes infused with flavor for your tea or water etc.


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Custom Sugar Cubes to add in your tea or water, etc. You can add as a flavor booster, or to make a cup of lemonade one at a time.

Made with all natural ingredients.
Honey, Cane and white sugar, flowers and herbs and fresh fruit and fruit juices. As such you may get fresh fruit pulp or skin in your drink. If you wish to not have this contact me to have this filtered out.

Cube size is 0.6″x0.6″x0.4
Each contain less than 1/2 tsp of sugar, with under 10 calories per serving.

50ct, 100ct, and 200ct Comes in canisters with closeable lids.

Loose Grain Bags: comes in 1.5-2 oz bags- resealable

Sample Kits: come with 5 flavors of your choice I will message you. Each sample bag contains 5 cubes. So you will get 25 cubes in total of 5 flavors.


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