Custom Skull Holder – Lovecraft – Powder Puff – Jewelry Holder


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This is a Custom Holder (Inspired by Christine McConnells Powder Puff Skull creation)

You are buying customization and not this one. You can opt for lit up (led lights) or not lit up one.

Please message me after purchase for the theme and or colors you’d like for yours.

The ones in the pics – I made this one to resemble HP Lovecraftian Lore and I can make yours to be any theme or color patterns you wish.
In the pics the base is hand sculpted water and tentacles then painted, the handle/stand is hand painted and lined with fabric.
The resin skull is cut open cleaned, mounted, and painted …then lined with fabric, beads and trim. I created beaded light up eyes for the skull and have a led box located inside the holder that can be turned off or on.
Mine is for my q-tips to match my lovecraftian bathroom.
Yours can be anything your wicked heart desires.

Message for details.
After payment is made and clears please allow 2 weeks for creation before shipping.
These tend to be very labor intensive but beautiful and worth it once done.
Shipping pricing is included in the cost of the item.


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