Custom Build Your Own Smudge Stick Bundle – Dragons Blood, White Sage, Cedar, with Dried Flowers or Herbs and Wax Seal of your choice


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Custom Build Your Own Smudge Stick Bundle – Dragons Blood, White Sage, Cedar, with Dried Flowers or Herbs and Wax Seal of your choice with colors of your choice down to colors

Smudge Feather Included for those that buy 2+ bundles at a time.
Free Downloadable Prayer/Chant included WITH every purchase. (I will email you this upon your order, when the item ships)

Step 1:
Pick your Smudge Base Stick Bundle

Dragons Blood Sage (Red) – for cleansing and purification, helps with lucid dreaming and calming
White Sage – standard that is used for purification, cleansing of negative energy, negative spirits, etc.
Cedar Sage – for cleansing and balance, and it smells good

Step 2:
Pick your Wax Seal Type

Fluer De Lis
Two Entwined Hearts
Crescent Moon with Crystals
Tree of Life – Yggdrasil

Step 3:
Pick your Wax Seal Color
See the Color Chart in the photos for what color wax you would like

Step 4:
Pick 1-3 Dried Plants/Flowers to add to bundle (ignore if you just want the sage bundle solo)

See picture for reference as to what they look like. You can pick something purely based on what it looks like for the bundle as they are all for cleansing, or pick something based on its spiritual properties as listed below:

Peony – protection from nightmares and danger, etc.
Mint/Peppermint – healing, love, purification
Rose – love, healing, beauty
Calendula – aids in spell magick
Forget me knots – eternal love, memory
Chrysanthemum – protection against negative energy, aids in spell magick
Rosemary – memory, protection from evil, great for healing (physical afflictions)
Red Plum – treats illness, protection, spiritual enhancement
Lilly – helps with memory, communication, aids in spell magick, knowledge, beauty
*Lavender – calming, love, healing, spiritual connection, knowledge, vitality
Butterfly Pea – connects to element of water, love, emotions, serenity, protection, peace
Peach Blossom – wisdom, health, longevity, youth, fertility
*Thistle – connects to element of earth, cleansing, happiness, health, longevity, hex breaker
*Eucalyptus – cleansing, health, great for healing (respiratory), vitality

* = AS AVAILABLE (stock is harder to keep, depending on weather and harvest that year)


1. It is recommended to have ALL windows open, not only to not set off smoke alarms, but also to get any negative energy, spirits, etc. out… Plus it helps for those that may have allergies etc whilst smudging. The area must be well ventilated for best effect. NEVER burn in a closet, you may cleanse a closet (careful of wardrobe) but do not leave it in there.
2. Cleanse yourself before you start on your space and room, or it will be a moot point.
3. Place your burning smudge away from curtains, lampshades and all other objects that could ignite easily. Never leave it lit and unattended, if you must pause or step away put it out first. Place it when done in a incense burner or heat resistant bowl or surface, as it will still be hot after it is put out.
4. Keep away from children!
5. I cannot stress this enough = IF YOU or others IN THE SPACE have allergies (tied to the scent(s) of plants or flowers) please take this into consideration before ordering and the type of plant(s) you include in your bundle. I take no responsibility for improper use.


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