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A few things, and to answer your questions: 
-FRED0FARMS.com appears to be available.
-I do own the company (Ruya Mira LLC – Erin Nobbs)

-Method of payment is via final invoice – paypal preferred. 50% starts work, and 50% or remaining balance upon completion (before delivery). Signed Invoice/Contract will be issued.
1 week to go over ALL the details on what is expected and required to begin work, including but not limited to: collection of text, images, logos, font types, and any relevant building materials needed, acquiring the server space allotted and the domain name registration, logins created for all necessary members as well during this time, email configuration (if needed) for contact or info pages.
Week 2-4 building of the website, and weekly communication (generally Fridays) reporting where I am at in the process and if I need more information from you.
Week 5-6 Provided there are no constant or drastic changes, the average site build takes 4-6 weeks. It will not be made accessible to the public until the last payment has been made and cleared.

Based on what you described:
You are looking at a base rate (provided you don’t need additional services beyond what you specified)… see the breakdown attached for reference.
The website agroamerica you provided as a sample has 16 pages (subpages in the menu are also coded pages). 
You are looking at approximately $6,894 for website build and services mentioned. (mind you this does not include any SEO beyond basic setup) see breakdown attached.
*This includes web design of the 16 pages (as 5 of those are base rate and every page after is additional), also includes: domain name registration and purchase for fred0farms.com (lifetime registration for life of site), continual maintenance and updates to website (for functionality purposes only) for life of the site, unlimited space for hosting for life of the site, uploading of content (images, text and images) to the website for launch only (if you wish me to continually add content from your team, over the duration of the sites life vs one of your team members adding content, this is an additional monthly cost and the quote will need to be reworked after further discussion.)
If you agree to the breakdown or wish to discuss further in detail please let me know.


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