2 Cog Tags – Gears of War – Necklace, Earrings, Keychain, or Dash Dangles. Metal Casted or 3D printed – FREE SHIPPING


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3D Printed Cogs Tags from Gears of War or Metal Casted
Printed from UV Resin (Resin Colors may vary). Metal is pewter.
For a pair of them. 2.
Made to Order.

There is also an option for pewter metal Casted ones….labeled “metal”

The Necklace/Chain is optional and is either Silver Chain or Black Cord 20″
Pendant is two of them together for you to attach to whatever youd like.
Keychain is Silver, as is the Earrings
Dashboard Mirror Dangles comes on a Gray Cord and is larger in size than the other options.


It takes roughly a day to print/make after 1 week to print (orders are first come first serve), and 1 additional week to arrive.

This is AFTER payment clears.



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